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The Courage to be Imperfect

Disclaimer: This blog post is kind of all over the place. But that’s okay. Enjoy… i’m working on allowing myself to not be perfect. i’ve never considered myself a perfectionist, but i’ve been told (and now admit) that i have a strong need to control. This need for control, for making sure everything is perfect […]

Embracing your Darkness

  Do you embrace your dark side? Do you know what lives there? I love my dark side. She manifests in the form of complete and total apathy and detachment. If you make her mad, she won’t yell, she wont break things, she wont even try to get revenge. She’ll just cut you off, create […]

Thankful for the Darkness

I couldn’t think of anything to write today, so I started going through my journal, looking for something I had written in the past. I tell my journal everything. I’ve had it since 2002, so a good 10 years. As I skimmed my earlier entries, I found myself transported back into a time in my […]

Locate: Balance

I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve been stretched as thin as dragonfly wings. Between my regular 9-5, being a single mom, my little independent side job, trying to maintain some sort of social life, and my various volunteer obligations (I just love oxymorons), I feel like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, without the (dis?)advantage of the […]