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Book Review: The Other Side of Paradise by Staceyann Chin



So, I’ve been completely in love with Staceyann Chin for a while now. After reading and reviewing her memoir, “The Other Side of Paradise” for Elixher magazine, my love for her grew even stronger. I think that’s what made it one of the hardest reviews to write so far. I didn’t want to say the wrong things. I wanted to make sure I conveyed my love and admiration for her story, her courage, in the best way possible. Shortening it was a beast; I wanted to pour all my love (i.e., words) into it. The woman is fucking fierce. She’s the stuff single mamas are made of. If I could just touch the hem of her garment. . .

I can’t wait until she finishes and releases her second book, which will be all about parenting and motherhood. I’m all about that queer radical motherhood life. Until then, you can my review of her first memoir here.




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