A Perfect Face for Radio


Claudia Moss, host of internet radio show Talk Shoe, asked me to speak with her this afternoon about some of my blog pieces and my love for editing. I was very nervous at first, because for one, I cuss a lot and I’m afraid to let one fly on the air, and also because I’m fearful of public speaking. I’m a writer – I write, I don’t talk. But Claudia made me feel so very comfortable, and at the same time she motivated me as a writer, and reminded me that I do have people out there that are learning and growing and healing from my writing. She made me renew my dedication to writing and realize how very much I love copy editing and how passionate I am for it. And not one cuss word left my mouth!

If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview here.


4 comments on “A Perfect Face for Radio

  1. I enjoyed listening in. The conversation was a creative feast with my morning coffee. Thank You BOTH!!!

  2. Hello, again, Tami AG Waters and Wisdom!!!

    I am delighted that you enjoyed the show, Tami, and I, too, enjoyed Wisdom’s “Perfect Face for Radio.” I simply love this journey called LIFE! Mind you, I’d noticed the lively word of choice in some blog entries and very much enjoyed it each time it shone, like a diamond in a lustrous set…and after reading, I lost myself in a stream of laughter! Me. I adore language, no matter how it comes. No judgement. So I would have simply had a like reaction on the air, and released a few of my fav expletives myself!

    Much love shining on and from a beautiful blog….


  3. Thank you for your great post.

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