Today, and Every Day



write something.

write something of importance.

write something of importance that speaks to your heart. something that pulls at your soul.

write to heal. write to get to the core of your insecurities and work that shit out.

because you are better than all the lies you’ve been told about yourself. all the lies you’ve been harboring, for fear that they are your foundation. knock them down. obliterate them bitches and stand on your truths.

truths created for you, by you.

you’re better than the impact of all the people who failed to see your light. or who saw it and tried to stomp it out. or who saw it and ran from it, and left you vulnerable and alone.

Starstuff lady, you are an entire universe. you have the power to create and destroy any thing at will.

bad ass mutha fucka. you the baddest disney villain. maleficent learned from you.

you are the darkness of a black hole. reflect nothing, just be. consume all who dare to come near. leave the masses wondering, intrigued and afraid.

all the mysteries and unknowns are waiting for you to drop those insignificant distractions of your life and explore the galaxy of your mind. your heart. your soul.

be a hyper nova. destroy and create everything in your path, and those that stand light years away will be paralyzed with awe at the effect you have on them. and even if they’re not, you still are.

so get to work. we are waiting on you.



4 comments on “Today, and Every Day

  1. Love this 🙂 thanks for sharing

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