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Simple Signs

I woke up in a really bad mood today.     I’m trying to become a morning person, so I’ve been setting my alarm clock to 6:00am. I think I finally gave the snooze button a break around 6:50. I really just wanted to stay in bed and listen to the rain. When I went to my […]

Getting Free

I am a warrior, and I will fight for my inner peace to the death. My battle with depression as an adult – thankfully – is not the same as it was when I was 14. 20 years ago (sheesh, 20 years?) I felt I had absolutely nothing to live for.  I’d tried cutting my […]


 “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” ~Anne Lamott We are all here to heal and aid ourselves and each other. We are all healers. But I think some people are more naturally in tune with their healing power. Like a lighthouse aids boats […]

Because it’s my job to make you all better writers

Maybe one day I’ll write a book. A memoir, one of those “change yourself and change the world” type books in the spirit of Don Miguel Ruiz or Neale Donald Walsch, or maybe even some Octavia Butler-worshiping speculative fiction. I’ve had people tell me that I should write more, but honestly, I prefer being behind the […]