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Simple Signs

I woke up in a really bad mood today.     I’m trying to become a morning person, so I’ve been setting my alarm clock to 6:00am. I think I finally gave the snooze button a break around 6:50. I really just wanted to stay in bed and listen to the rain. When I went to my […]

Clutch Your Pearls

I’ve been thinking a lot about masturbation. I’ve been doing it a lot lately, not having a girlfriend/lover/special friend and all.  At times it’s frustrating, because I want someone else’s hands, lips, and legs on and around me. But for the most part, masturbation and I get a long great – and why wouldn’t we? […]

Daydreamin and I Aint Thinkin of You

Sometimes I fantasize about what my life would be like without children. There are times when motherhood becomes a bit overwhelming and I just need to take a mental break. It’s usually when I’m in the bathroom, because it’s the only place I can be alone during my three year old’s waking hours. She has […]

Career Crises, Finding Your Joy, and Stuff Like That…

Every now and then it happens. I freak out about what I’m doing with my life. It usually comes when I look at my bank account and it’s in the double digits and I have two bills due and a half-empty fridge, because like everyone else, I’m pretty financially stressed these days. It also happens […]

Not Quite a Daddy’s Girl, but…

This Father’s Day was the first time in a while that I really missed and wanted to be with my dad. He is still living, so I am blessed to be able to call him, and I did. But my relationship with my father has been strained for a while – since I was a […]

Sex, Motherhood and the Teenage Daughter

My oldest daughter turns 14 this year. I lost my virginity exactly one month after my 14th birthday. Guess who’s nervous. I don’t know about all mothers, but one of my greatest fears is that my children will repeat my mistakes. I led a very “lesson-filled” youth. And I’ve held on to those lessons so […]