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Simple Signs

I woke up in a really bad mood today.     I’m trying to become a morning person, so I’ve been setting my alarm clock to 6:00am. I think I finally gave the snooze button a break around 6:50. I really just wanted to stay in bed and listen to the rain. When I went to my […]

Getting Free

I am a warrior, and I will fight for my inner peace to the death. My battle with depression as an adult – thankfully – is not the same as it was when I was 14. 20 years ago (sheesh, 20 years?) I felt I had absolutely nothing to live for.  I’d tried cutting my […]

Book Review: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie

“You ain’t strong like she is. You got a soul that cain’t be still. Your mama did too at one time, but she wrestled it down. Yours look like it’s running you.” Ayana Mathis’ debut novel, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, is a collection of short stories that speak life to the complexities of Black […]

Morning Ritual

Just as Talise was about to surrender to the faceless, melanin-heavy woman poised to enter her, the morning alarm snatched her into consciousness. Wet, slightly irritable and fully awake, she grabbed her phone and quieted the alarm, resisting the temptation to throw it across the room. Instead, she checked for missed late night messages, phone calls, […]

“Aunt”s and Other-Mothering in a Queer Household

I remember my Aunt Dee vividly. I remember her planning and executing my 5th birthday party to perfection. I remember her yelling my name, searching the apartment complex every time I ran away when my mother would come home high off her latest drug binge. I remember sitting in the living room eating freeze-pops and […]

Daydreamin and I Aint Thinkin of You

Sometimes I fantasize about what my life would be like without children. There are times when motherhood becomes a bit overwhelming and I just need to take a mental break. It’s usually when I’m in the bathroom, because it’s the only place I can be alone during my three year old’s waking hours. She has […]

Liberation through Queer Parenting

I was very nervous about coming out to my oldest daughter, then 11. This was a new feeling for me in the coming out process, the nervousness. Aside from my best friend, I didn’t give a shit about what people thought, and fortunately, coming out was very easy for me. But with my baby girl, […]